Dr. Hamid Reza Ghelichkhani

Hamidreza GhelichkhaniKufic script is remarkable due to its variation in many forms of appearance in its alphabet and words. Kufic script was applied to many objects: from writing on parchments and papers to inscriptions on stone, brick, tile and countless objects. We know that all styles of writing haven’t been so lucky such as the Kufic style of script!!

In recent decades, a revival in interest  for re-understanding this art form has arisen; therefore, critical studies on calligraphy has emerged and many curious enthusiasts  are eager to find out the hidden secrets of this noble art form.

In the contemporary world, there are several studies on temper and the work of calligraphers; these studies comprise of historical trends, theosophy and idealism in calligraphy. There is a great demand toward understanding forms, such as shapes of characters; composition of letters and words; and lastly, formulas to discover the aesthetic beauty of this calligraphic art.

Kufic script has an array of regional differences by different designers and calligraphers travelling to different countries and lands. In analyzing and critiquing Kufic inscriptions on stones, as well as the background of its designers, the “creativity and innovation” of each artist is very important. Selection of text, eligibility, compositions, decorations and other factors play an important role in this study as well. Kufic script is an ancient language in that each area consists of a local character while keeping its origins, significance and nobility. Although I have witnessed thousands of Kufic texts in countless places, I am eager to discover more Kufic work.

The authors of this book have encountered successful experiences. This book has many prominences and breakthroughs, including publishing some special photographs and findings for the first time. In addition, this book includes critical notes and an analysis on Kufic script by a calligrapher and graphic teacher [Mousavi Jazayeri SMV]. In closing, books within this field are valuable stepping stones in order to learn more about and introduce novel calligraphic values, therefore unlocking many mysteries of this praiseworthy heritage of calligraphic artwork.