Heidarzadeh Coin Collection

This album contains high quality photographs of a selection of 24 coins in the Heidarzadeh Museum, Yazd, Iran, bearing Kufic, square Kufic, Nastaleagh, and Thulth scripts, with an accompanying essay by Seyed Mohammad Vahid Mousavi Jazayeri (in Farsi), produced in collaboration with Fatemeh Danesh Yazdi.

2 thoughts on “Heidarzadeh Coin Collection

  1. I have visited coin museum Yezd 27 mai 2010. I have seen Mr Haidarzadeh in the museum. I interest to know a gold coin in the museum. It is written under coin “Keykavus bin Iskender”. This is an Anatolian Seljuq coin and belong to “Keykavus bin Keyhüsrev” , İzzeddin Keykavus II. and date about H. 644-649 and AD.1246-1250. I have a book published in 2009 about “Coins of Anatolian Seljuqs”. This coin is not in my book. Can you send me pictures, weight and diameter of this coin please. I will make a new catalogue for gold coins of Anatolian Seljuqs. Pictures of this coin is very important.
    Best regards and greetings from İstanbul.
    Yılmaz İzmirlier

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