Messiah of Souls


O’ lovers! O’ lovers! Whoever sees the Beloved,
Will lose his senses and become dumbfounded.
He will seek the Beloved and leave worldly affairs,
And will be in the Beloved’s service head to foot.

—Jalaloddin Rumi

What a strange Beloved is this that has hidden Himself from all others making them His devotees?

And, people not having seen the Sun of Truth indulged in illusions. Thus, each person took refuge in a corner of the thousand-odd quarters of this mega city of acquaintance having a thousand. One chose the Mihrab and the other went to the idol. Each one in his imagination described Him; one through calligraphy, one by means of painting and another through the medium of literature. Yet all were unaware that He cannot be described through script, colour or words. True, if you behold well you will find out that everybody speaks of the “One”, and seeks the “One” but through thousands of different languages and customs:
“Thou art the First, Thou art the Last.”

“He” sent messengers – like the Messiah to revive the dead – in order to guide the people of the world to the garden of the soul, and in this orchard of bliss there is nothing but the Beloved (God). And it is in that Glorious Banquet where the mountain, the sea, the plain and the sky collocate and kiss each other. This is the very place where the fairies, human beings, genies and angels join to say “salaam (peace)” to each other,
since “Peace, a word from the Merciful Lord.” (Quran).

This valuable collection, too, through its dazzling illustrations and beautiful specimens of different styles of the exquisite art of calligraphy, is in pursuit of the “One”, the “One” who – on the day of creation – acquainted man with the delicious Divine Wine, and “Taught man what he knew not” (Quran). He bestowed man the insight to understand that wherever he sees he beholds God.

This word is as water from the endless sea of love;
To provide the world with water and give life to the bodies.

—Jalaloddin Rumi

In this collection words are enshrined, which according to the Quran, confirm the Torah, the Bible, the Messengers and all Heavenly Scriptures.
Glory be to your Lord, the Lord of Honor, above what they describe.
And peace be on the apostles. (Quran)

—Seyed M Hosein M Jazayeri

Gallery, Messiah of Souls

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