Seventh Heaven


All nations throughout history and in the course of their social life have sought to express their world outlook using the available means. The documented heritage of the past shows that the most idealistic efforts have been directed towards designing and constructing places of worship or other manifestations of religion. Religious art with its eternal and everlasting fundamentals framed in a harmonious and egalitarian structure, manifests itself in many different forms. Despite their various beliefs, all nations have expressed their religious views on the basis of almost similar points and patterns. One of the most central and important points in this regard is the application of “line” to express the loftiest and purest wishes like writing the Name of God.

Throughout history nations have revered and still revere the tools of writing, and have attributed their source of origin as heavenly and supernatural. Thus if the line and the tools of writing give shape to the Name of God the Most High – as the most excellent inscription – it means the manifestation of the height of perfection. Since the advent of Islam, this path has been constantly trodden by Muslim calligraphers, who have created unique masterpieces thanks to the wonderful mysteries concealed in the graphic designing of the Persian Alphabet. But with the transformation of the days, new challenges have emerged for mankind.

In fact the calligrapher has to observe history, traditions and principles for the writing of certain texts. To display his view of life he blends lofty ethical points with personal principles to skillfully create impressions that are indicative of the whole existence, without any limit, beyond explanation or above analysis. You could just see it, and with extra perceptions, you just realize that everything is remarkably perfect. In our modern era the need for change, the need for finding new solutions, the need for a peaceful and tranquil life in today’s chaotic world, or for having a safe and secure place to live, inspire calligraphers and designers to explore new horizons.

Seyed Vahid Jazayeri, as one of the most experienced exponents of this ancient art, and possessing what the modern man should know and ought to have the ability to undertake, is fully qualified to tread this exclusive path. As a person in the centre of the arena he his efforts are highly commendable.

The novelty of Seyed’s works is not limited to his style of writing and his innovative creation, but must be sought in the response he has given to the necessity of recreation as is evident by the freshness of his works. Beauty and delicacy is the hallmark of his works that enchant the viewer and the more he reflects on his artistic creations the more enthralled he becomes. These exquisite works enable the modern man trapped in the pessimistic frustration of the tedious routine of life, to find a ray hope for the future.

Seyed Vahid Jazayeri, with his unique works has undoubtedly given a display of his mastery for creating and writing the most precious and celestial ideals. We ought to fully appreciate his excellent efforts.

—Bahram Kalhornia
February 2006, Tehran

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