From Kufic Inscriptions to Contemporary Typography Steps towards a comprehensive Farsi Script

The possibilities for a renascence in Persian calligraphy and typography are examined by a master calligrapher and two art historians with special interest in calligraphy and typography. The desirability and suitability of Primary Kufic as a starting point for such a renascence is shown through its cultural relevance, its graphically significant letter and decoration forms, and its wide and meaningful creative scope. Refuting common myths about the difficulty of Primary Kufic, the authors discuss its adaptability for contemporary use and report on the ease with which it can be taught to calligraphers and readers alike.

The illustrations are large, clear, and well-chosen, with an appended catalog giving full identifications and readings in contemporary Arabic.

ContributorsSeyed Mohammad Vahid Mousavi Jazayeri, Dr Hamid Reza Ghelichkhani, and Bahram Kalhornia


With an introduction by Perette E. Michelli, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-600-6669-39-7                       Number of pages: 88

Here is sample pages of the book (low kb PDF)

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