Kufic Encyclopedia

Recognizing the issues raised by the flawed methodology commonly applied in the study of Kufic script, Kufic Encyclopedia makes the important innovation of examining the script by medium. Clearly, different techniques must be applied to produce the script in manuscript, on stone, coin, ceramic, and in metalwork. The varying purposes connected with these different media are also taken into account, as these too have an impact on the visual appearance of the script and its syntax. Altogether, then, considering the Kufic script in this way restores meaning to its stylistic development, enabling today’s practioners to move away from pure reproduction and arbitrary decoration and instead to work knowledgeably and to make appropriate creative developments.

Kufic Encyclopedia is generously illustrated with high quality photographs and informative captions. It was researched and written by the master calligrapher, Seyed Mohammad Vahid Mousavi Jazayeri.

The gallery below and in the two following pages gives a preview of the book, its cover, text, layout and illustrations.

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