Surat al-Waqi’ah: Early Arabic Kufic Quranic Calligraphy by Mousavi Jazayeri

This new work by Seyed Muhammad Vahid Moussavi Jazayeri is the complete Surat al-Waqi’ah (Surah 56, The Inevitable, The Event). This Surah describes the Resurrection and the division of people into three sorts. Those on the right are destined for the Gardens of Paradise, the foremost are first among those destined for Paradise, and those on the left are destined for the fires of Hell. In the surah, relatively short descriptions of Paradise alternate with long, harsh descriptions of Hell. An exceptional spirituality, nobility, and harmony of the letters and the lines distinguish the Quranic Kufic calligraphy of artist and calligrapher Seyed Vahid Jazayeri. One clearly feels the congruence and dialogue between the letters, and despite the licit differences between the letter shapes, the words are always in harmony, composed to produce beautiful pages. The ease and soul of the artist’s writing is lucidly communicated, while preserving a great heritage from loss and disappearance. The unpretentious writings of Seyed Jazayeri penetrate the mind and the soul due to the sacred nature of this style of calligraphy used in writing the earliest Qurans.

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