The attached galleries give an extensive sampling of the work in Kufic by Seyed Mohammad Vahid Mousavi Jazayeri in various media. He favours a historically authentic approach to Kufic calligraphy, which has been greatly enhanced by his discovery of the long-lost method for cutting the Kufic qalam. Yet none of these works are mere copies: Mousavi Jazayeri SMV is a creative artist in his own right with a sensitive feel for his media, implements and the performance of each work.

In manuscript work, he often works collaboratively with the illuminator Jamshid Sarhaddi, who creates subtly delineated decorative fields and frames. Working in a range of muted earth tones with accents in gold leaf, his work too is a creative response to traditional forms. His textures, patterns, foliate spirals, and soft washes complement the calligraphy but never dominate.

When enscribing directly to ceramic without pre-drawing, Mousavi Jazayeri SMV honours ancient traditions again. In his hands, these traditions find new life as he touches on the mysterious emergence of the words as vulnerable letters in slip and as attribute-entities coalescing in time.

Typography is another area where Mousavi Jazayeri SMV excels, and here a more gesturally expressive approach is often taken as the letters are pushed to their creative and energetic limits.


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