Read and Write Primary Kufic, Azerbaijan National Museum

DSCN5991A workshop on how to read and write Primary Kufic script was conducted by Seyed Mohammad Vahid Mousavi Jazayeri in Azerbaijan National Museum, Tabriz, Iran, 20 – 21 Oct 2013. The museum is one of the most oldest in Iran.

Participants of varying specializations including Persian carpets, conservation, handicrafts, manuscripts and calligraphy were present. Seyed Mohammad Vahid Mousavi Jazayeri, who has the excellency degree in calligraphy and culture (equivalent to PhD) lectured on the birth and development of this script.

Although manuscripts were the main topic of this workshop, Vahid also discussed use of Kufic script on ceramics and coins. He noted that Primary Kufic remained in use for three centuries after the advent of Islam, and that it is the root of the contemporary Arabic, Farsi, Turkish Ottmani, Urdu and Pashto alphabets.

He taught how to read and write Primary Kufic, and how alphabets have changed over the last fourteen centuries. He noted two vowel and punctuation systems in ancient Quranic manuscripts.

At end of the workshop Vahid discussed the importance of museums for the  development of research and calligraphy.

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