Early Arabic Kufic Calligraphy of Mousavi Jazayeri : Surat al-Mulk

In this book, Iranian calligraphy master Seyed Mohammad Vahid Mousavi Jazayeri starts yet another journey in his relentless effort to bring alive a magnificent, but largely forgotten, calligraphy art: the early Arabic Kufic calligraphy. In his new generous calligraphy masterpiece that is made available openly in this limited edition print book he does not present the usual “few sentences” seen in most modern calligraphy works, but a complete manuscript. After all, the true challenge of script calligraphy is not only its visual and aesthetic quality and consistency but its utility as a reading and documenting medium. Mousavi Jazayeri’s chosen manuscript for his new endeavor is the Glorious Quran, the book that early Kufic was conceived for originally. Early Kufic was the triggering spark for the art of calligraphy’s magnificent journey through the Islamic era, a journey which has lasted for more than 14 centuries. In this work, as in all his previous pioneer research and art work, Mousavi Jazayeri digs fearlessly deep into the roots of Arabic calligraphy and script, choosing its original and natural incubating medium: the Quran. In the many pages of this astonishing resurrected Quranic manuscript, Mousavi Jazayeri not only invites its readers to absorb the magnificent spiritual teachings of Surat al-Mulk, but he dares them to become living witnesses of a great, long-gone Islamic age. This limited edition book is envisaged as the first of a series of books that will eventually reproduce, surah by surah, a full modern-day copy of the Quran in its earliest script: the Arabic Kufic script.

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2 thoughts on “Early Arabic Kufic Calligraphy of Mousavi Jazayeri : Surat al-Mulk

  1. با احترام خوشحال می شوم بدانم استاد جزایری بر اساس کدام قرآن و رسم الخط کوفی را کتابت می کنند

    از اینکه مزاحم شدم عذر می خواهم درواقع منبع رسم الخط انتخابی شما را می خواستم جهت اطلاعات خودم بدانم

    با تشکر فراوان / چارئی

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