Kufic Workshops in UAE, 2014

The following two workshops has been conducted by Seyed Mohammad Vahid Mousavi Jazayeri in  Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. Here you can download Abu Dhabi Int Book Fair (ADIBF) Show Daily article about a glorious Kufic manuscript, which was presented there.

1st workshop: How to read and write Kufic script, 1st May 2014 :       In this workshop, student  learnt forms of alphabets in Primary Kufic script, which was used as the first method of writing in ancient Quran manuscripts. It is the root of contemporary writing styles in Arabic, Turkish Ottoman, Urdu, Farsi, Traditional Malaya and other languages of Western Asia as well as North Africa.         

2nd workshop: How to do Primary Kufic calligraphy on manuscripts, 5th May 2014

Kufic calligraphy is the first method of Arabic calligraphy. Students learnt how to convey their knowledge from the 1st workshop “How to read and write Kufic script” to a higher level. This workshop was a basic course for those who want to learn how to write Kufic on ceramics or to design Kufic logo types or fonts.

Kuficpedia has also presented a glorious Kufic book (Surah Yasin).

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